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Advantages of Blunt Cannula Over Microneedles

Blunt Cannula Over Microneedles

You might have heard of two techniques for beautification through dermal fillers namely blunt cannulas and microneedles which both have different aspects for each of them.  The effective method of blunt cannulas has been far better than micro needles in many ways. Hence the many advantages of blunt cannulas are given below:

  • Comfort

There is lesser discomfort when it comes to a blunt cannula in comparison to a micro needle, as there is less discomfort during this procedure and it is mostly improved in many different areas as well.

  • Time

The procedure using blunt cannulas requires less time during its procedure because in most cases, there is no usage of topical anesthesia in this technique. For instance, if you are having a procedure of dermal fillers for getting rid of lines around your mouth especially when you smile then this requires only a total time of a couple of minutes and same is the case with eye injections for eye bags etc as well. It is just like you go for the procedure during your lunch break and then back to your office again

  • Lesser Effects

There are many side effects after the procedure has been performed. Hence when it comes to a procedure through blunt cannulas then there is lesser bruising, redness or swelling in comparison to micro needle procedures. For instance, if you are having the procedure for lips then you don’t need to wait about two weeks in order to go to your social parties again. This is because the blood vessels do not bounce off the tip and are not damaged easily.

  • Lesser Pokes

While using dermal fillers for enhancing lips or cheeks there is a process known as poke employing which are done after some pauses in between. Hence when one is using blunt cannulas then there are only two pokes needed in comparison to at least ten pokes that might be needed when using micro needles for the same.

  • Lesser Risk

When using blunt cannulas there is a lesser chance and exposure of vascular catastrophe because during the procedure the vessels are not entered into through the cannula. The vessel can only be compressed which is easier through an intravascular injection. Hence this makes these blunt cannulas much safer than using micro needles for dermal fillers.

  • Common Area

The very advantages of blunt cannulas include a common area for performing many procedures that include upper lip lines, marionette lines, lower cheek lines as well as nasolabial folds through the same entrance site for the procedure for all.

  • Depth

Many muscles are injected deep in through the blunt cannula process especially in tear trough injection procedures so that the filler does not show. This is known as the Tindel effect which is only possible through the blunt cannula and not through the micro needle.

Hence looking at the so many advantages of using dermal filler procedures through blunt cannulas in comparison to micro needles, it is very clearly evident that choosing abetter technique affects very substantially overall.

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